Find Yo Funky Fits at the Chic N Freak Bazaar

November 17, 2021
After a 2 year hiatus, Chic N Freak is making its way back to Coasterra for the most epic new year’s eve party and boy are we excited!
Fashion is such a huge pillar in the music industry and we want to embody this in Chic N Freak moving forward. We’d like to showcase fashion designers & vendors’ art while also empowering fashion lovers (a.k.a our fashionistas) to express themselves and feel like their most confident self. Our hope is to inspire people to get creative & have fun with what they wear to the event! 
The first piece of this movement will be our Chic N Freak Bazaar. We’re hosting this pop up shop at Quartyard on December 5th from 1-5PM. We’ve got a lineup of vendors that are bringing unique goodies all made with love ranging from velvet sets to patterned pieces and much much more! The bazaar is THE place to get your funky fit for Chic N Freak.
Now’s your chance to be bold & stray away from the ‘classic NYE fit’ — dresses and tuxes are so last season! Add a hint of flavor with bright accessories, fun fur jackets, & hmm maybe some glitter? Yup, lots & lots of glitter?
And don’t you worry, our designers & vendors will be more than happy to provide some insider tips on how to put together an epic outfit♡
Be sure to RSVP & join in on the fun by clicking here: Eventbrite RSVP Link (Free)
See you all there!
-Deep End Fam