Sneak Peek of Our 9 Visionary Chic N Freak Vendors

November 24, 2021

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner meaning it’s crunch time & we’ve got to get our fits in CHECK. The Chic N Freak Bazaar is going to be your one stop shop to buy all da pieces you need to put together the most epic NYE outfit ever. Ya’ll ain’t ready for this stacked lineup of designers & creators ?

As a reminder, the Chic N Freak Bazaar will be on Sunday, December 5th 1-5PM at Quartyard! Be sure to RSVP for FREE by clicking the link below:

It is an absolute honor to have each of these rad humans involved with the Chic N Freak Bazaar, so keep reading to catch a glimpse of what makes each of them so dang special. Learn more about their stories, why they love fashion, and of course how to channel your inner fashionista for Chic N Freak NYE!

First up, we’ve got Adrienne Abella, goddess founder of LITTLE BLACK DIAMOND, who has continuously empowered women to wholeheartedly love themselves & others not only through her designs, but also her actions. We thought Adrienne would without a doubt be the best person to give her take on how to put together an outfit that makes you feel like the most fun, confident & badass version of yourself!

“Basically I select a few clothing or stand out statement accessories / pieces that I definitely want to incorporate into my outfit! Then I crank up music that inspires me and matches the vibe for the event that I’m attending. I ask my inner child to come forward and share her playful energy as I make a huge mess in my room, tearing out everything in my closet and drawers that might match with the core pieces. I try every combo on because you have no idea how things will feel or flow until they’re actually on your body. I strike some fierce poses in the mirror as I do this, dancing around and being generally very goofy. I listen to my feelings regarding the look and once I see myself and think yes, that’s a bad fucking bitch, then I know the outfit is complete. 

Ps: I try to give myself enough time and space for this creative process but life gets busy! Sometimes my best outfits have come together under a time crunch. Also, it’s helpful if you can put everything away before you go out so you don’t come home to a huge mess!”

Jessica Bolton is the fabulous designer & creator of THAT DOME PIECE, but she’s also just an overall inspiring human being. That Dome Piece serves the most eclectic & eye-catching pieces we’ve ever seen and I mean – every little detail is just breath-taking. We know that ya’ll will for sure agree! Jessica gave us some insight on what sparked her passion for custom headwear along with her upcycling process:

“I have always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was young. However, certain avenues in life took me on a different path and I ended up studying psychology. Today I am a psychologist in a prison. After obtaining my degree, I revisited my passion for fashion design and simultaneously started making hats in preparation for Burning Man. I went to my first burn in 2014 and my creations took off from there. That Dome Piece is a sustainable fashion company. Vintage and pre-worn hats are given new life through a process of upcycling, transforming them into festival couture. This process could entail restoring, cleaning, and adding fabrics and other flare that often takes the form of repurposed vintage jewelry, yard ornaments, LED lights or other interesting and random items.”

Mastermind & owner of PRINCE S. THREADS, Peter Rost inspires individuals to stray away from social norms and is a firm believer in embracing both your divine masculine & feminine side. His unisex clothing is breaking down barriers in the fashion industry while empowering each of us to be bold & unapologetically ourselves. Prince S. Threads is the perfect embodiment of Chic N Freak, and we’re so thankful to have someone like Peter that is motivated by his desire to help others unleash their true fashion potential! You’ll get a chance to receive some expert tips from Peter at the Bazaar, but in the meantime he’s given us some insight on what inspired him to start vending and what his thought process is when looking for new pieces:

“I have always been approached by random people, while out and about, asking where I got my outfit. It finally occurred to me that most folks simply don’t know how to find fun, comfortable, and expressive clothes! Rather than explain my process each and every time, just to see them become overwhelmed even thinking about it, I thought I would just bridge the gap and bring the goods to them directly! It’s been a natural fit ever since, and I really enjoy helping others push their fashion boundaries, which is one of the best ways we have as humans to express ourselves. The trick is showing people that they CAN do it and making it fun and easy at the same time.

My process when looking for new pieces is very simple: I look for things that I would like to wear myself, regardless of whether or not it fits me. Shopping for inventory is way more fun than shopping for yourself because there’s no need to try anything on or think about how often I might actually wear it versus how much it costs. It allows me to really focus on the creative aspect of fashion without the restrictions of practicality. With that freedom, I’ve been surprised by how many fantastic items I’ve managed to come across and then pass along to the community! It’s really rewarding to style someone and help them shine their brightest.”

Michelle Memos is an absolute light in the world, and we are so unbelievably stoked that she will be blessing the Bazaar with her energy and her art. SEEDS OF LIFE CRYSTALS is a true reflection of how she views life and each piece is infused with her heart & soul. Michelle believes that earth’s crystals are metaphorically seeds of life — hence the name Seeds of Life Crystals! We asked Michelle what her goal is as a creator & why she loves incorporating crystals into her jewelry:

My goal as a creator is to bring to life all the things that inspire me. Through my art, I want to show people that we are here as living breathing portals and each of us hold the gift of bringing the universe to life in our own way. I’ve always liked to surround myself with music, nature, & art because to me – those are the things that make me happy and allow me to feel in tune with the world. And I know I’m not alone in that. If I can add to that for another person, then I did my job as a creator. <3

What I love most about incorporating crystals into my art is the vibrant colors that I get to work with and look at all the time! And the endless inspiration that the colors and natural essence of them bring.”

ROAMING TIGER has some of the raddest, dripped out custom clothing. They’re the type of pieces that turn heads and make you double take because they’re just so damn cool! If you want to make a statement on NYE, they’ve got you covered 100%. We asked girl boss & visionary of the biz, Sami Dollar, why she loves upcycling clothing and what advice she has for people trying to spice up their NYE fits:

“Upcycling is not only a more sustainable way of fashion, but it is unique and brings out the most of my creativity. I get so much joy out of transforming an old/vintage piece of clothing and bringing life back to it again or creating a whole new look. Best part about it is that when I upcycle – no piece will ever be exactly the same.

I feel like you always need some sort of glam on NYE. To stand out, you need a statement piece like a sequin jacket or kimono. Sequin pieces are always my go to! I love to get items that are one of a kind so that you don’t run into someone who has the same outfit as you at the party. Also… you can never go wrong with a little (or a lot) of glitter!”

SHADI BY SHADI KARBASI has the most LUSH velvet pieces that are custom made to perfectly hug your body & make you feel BOMB. Shadi is a beautiful woman inside & out, and we are fascinated by what an artistic eye she has. She just launched her very first collection this past September and let me just tell you — everyone needs to own one of her sets! We asked Shadi what influences her design style & why she is passionate about fashion:

“My designs are influenced by a wide range of things — my cultural background being one of the biggest! It’s also one of the first things to have heavily influenced my design style. Figure and shape are another major aspect to my designs.


My favorite thing about fashion is how one can truly express who they are through what they wear. I feel like fashion can be both art and design, creating emotion and structure. And that is such a beautiful concept to me.”

Jessica Stockwell has embarked on a spiritual journey this past year and has translated everything she has learned into MOONLIGHT GOLD. She has grown alongside her passion project and creates pieces with the intent to heal. Any individual that has the pleasure of owning one of Jessica’s angelic pieces is sure to feel the vitality & soul radiating from her jewelry. We got the inside scoop on how Moonlight Gold was birthed and why Jessica finds joy in vending:

“Moonlight Gold actually came to be during the pandemic. With all this extra time on my hands I ended up learning a lot about myself. I was forced to discover who I truly was without any distractions. I found spirituality and got in tune with the earth and nature and everything it had to offer. With that came collecting crystals along with anything I would find from nature. I wanted crystals on me at all times and wanted to create healing crystal jewelry. Jewelry that was modern, yet minimalistic and beautiful that could go with every outfit or occasion. Along with the handmade jewelry I sell crystals, sage, palo santo, candles and sun catchers.

I love going to all these different events and meeting the beautiful souls there. It is always inspiring to meet other small business owners that are creative and passionate. I enjoy talking to other creators and seeing the diversity from all walks of life.”

Fashion becomes so much more powerful when it is tied to a strong belief or meaningful cause, and DEATH TRIP VINTAGE is a perfect example of that. Tina Creswell, influential owner of Death Trip Vintage, reminds us just how special vintage clothing is. “Death Trip comes from the concept of loss of ego – through experiencing a death trip you are reborn, much like vintage clothing. These articles of clothing were once loved and adored and then eventually thrown away. Vintage sellers have given these clothes a new life along with extending the life of our planet.” We asked Tina to give us the rundown on what Death Trip Vintage stands for and how they instlil this through their vintage clothing:

“At Death Trip Vintage, we stand for a few principles and values that are simple yet imperative to us, and impactful for many. We empower people to dress in the way that they feel comfortable and confident….in a way that represents who they are. We fully support and stand up for LGBTQ+ communities. Our clothing gives our shoppers the opportunity to dress in a way that allows them to express their true selves and feel lit up. If you’re here then you’ve found your place.

Our mission isn’t just to make people look good and feel good, we want to uplift and support our community. Over the years we’ve made donations to several charities, campaigns, and mutual aid funds that support black, indigenous, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people. Some recipients of our donations include: Magic & Melanin, People over Profits, SD Black Queer Housing Fund, and House of Resilience. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it. Lastly, Death Trip Vintage aims to reduce our impact on mama earth. Buying vintage, second-hand clothing reduces waste from fast fashion and big box stores by a staggering amount. Leave the annual styles out of the landfill, and pick out something timeless. Come as you are, dress as you please, and feel good while doing it.”

Jimothy is the fearless owner of CHI STYLEZS LIFE STYLEZS and he’s got some spicy leather goodies that ya’ll have got to check out. From first glance, you can immediately see that Jimothy’s pieces are extremely high quality. These unique leather accessories are sure to add some flare & funk to any outfit! Jimothy gave us the inside scoop on how he got his start in making leather goods along with why he believes accessories are such a vital part of fashion:

I was inspired to create leather goods because it was a luxurious resource of material that was readily available. I’ve built my knowledge and skills in the leather trade by creating accessories, up-cycling, and using discarded remnants of leather. I hand craft designs using non-traditional leather techniques. I am constantly inspired to create new designs that uphold the spirit and energy of the material into mobile functional art accessories. 

Accessories have been a vital part of fashion for centuries. I believe through a fusion of ancient indigenous traditions, fused with modern age aesthetics, future innovations and evolution of technologies – timeless accessories can be created to adorn many outfits. These outfits can project many artistic / energetic emotions that tell a story. Accessories will always be vital to fashion!”

Nothing makes us happier than supporting our small business owners and shedding light on each & every one of their talents & passions♡ Pull through to our Chic N Freak Bazaar and get ready to shop & give homes to the most beautiful pieces eva!

– Deep End Fam ♡